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Canon City Laminate Flooring

There are many options for updating your flooring. When you are looking for an affordable yet attractive flooring option that can be used in a variety of locations throughout your home, laminate flooring may be the right choice.

dark laminate hardwood flooringTypically composed of plastic, paper, melamine, or fiberboard, these composite floorboards are affordable and available in a variety of colors, styles, and options. These laminated planks are fast and easy to install by a professional, allowing us to quickly renovate your space without the long-term hassle of other flooring options like hardwood or tile. Some laminate floor solutions can even be installed directly over your existing flooring, making for an even faster installation process.

Laminate floors are attractive, durable, and available in a wide selection of patterns, prints, and finishes. Many different homes and lifestyles find that laminate flooring provides the appeal of traditional hardwood, with extended durability and a longer-lasting finish.

As your Canon City laminate flooring company, we deliver high-quality products at affordable prices, perfectly customized to suit your home and needs.

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Laminate Flooring Construction & Design

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Laminate floors are manufactured in easily-installed individual planks. The layered construction provides unmatched durability at prices that are affordable. Laminate floorboards are comprised of four unique and useful layers:

  • The backing layer is the base layer, balancing the floor and absorbing moisture. Depending on the type of laminate board you select, it may be constructed from paper, plastic, or melamine.
  • The core layer determines the thickness of your board. This layer is composed of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or high-density fiberboard (HDF) that is compressed with adhesive and resin for a sturdy, yet flexible board that resists moisture and indentations.
  • The pattern layer is what provides laminate flooring with its realistic appearance. It is primarily made using traditional wood grains and colors printed in high-quality ink onto a durable material.
  • The top wear layer is designed to protect the laminate floor from traffic and fading. This protective layer is a clear aluminum oxide coating that is applied to the surface of the board. There are various levels of gloss available, so you can get the finish that most appeals to you.

The pressed layers that constitute the laminate board are designed specifically for your benefit. You can choose traditional wood floor styles or those that mimic tile or stone flooring. There are many different options available for personalization and customization.

If you are looking for a durable, attractive, and cost-effective solution for new or replacement flooring, laminate floors allow you to customize your space quickly and affordably.

Laminate Flooring Installation

As your Canon City, CO laminate flooring company, we work with you throughout your entire flooring project.

attractive custom laminate floor installationWe begin by helping you select the right flooring type, style, pattern, and layout to best suit your space, home, and needs. We help you choose patterns that are complementary to the lighting, decor, and style of your home so you can be confident you will have a professional finish. Different types of boards are designed for different uses, locations, and applications. While some boards are designed for wet areas like bathrooms or kitchens, there are more affordable options that can be just as attractive when used in a lower-traffic area of your home.

Once you and our laminate floor experts have determined the right product for your needs, we first begin by prepping your space for installation. This may include removing baseboards, prepping floors, and installing an underlayment to protect subflooring from moisture and to reduce noise between floors.

Our experts provide high-quality, speedy laminate flooring installation services. Our goal is always to provide the right flooring for your needs, home, and budget.

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Best Laminate Flooring Services

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As your Canon City laminate flooring experts, we can’t wait to get started on your next flooring project. Whether you need help selecting the perfect laminate floor, or already know what you want and just need assistance with flooring installation, our team of dedicated professionals is here for you.

For all of your tile and flooring contractor needs, trust Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring! When you want quality products, quality installation, and quality finishing for your next flooring project, we deliver.

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