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Cascade Ceramic Tile Flooring

custom tile flooring installationWhen it comes to construction or remodeling, ceramic tiles are the common choice for flooring- and it is for a good reason. People want the best value for their money, and ceramic tile flooring gives them that. With extensive design options and well-known durability, ceramic tiles are the go-to flooring materials for most people.

In Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring, we offer a variety of ceramic tiles you can use for your flooring projects. Aside from being long-lasting, the beauty of our ceramic tile flooring is something we know you won’t regret paying for. Made with natural products, including quartz sand and clay, our ceramic tiles have combined quality and attractiveness with complementing affordability.

If you are remodeling your kitchen or any space in your home, contact us to purchase our flooring services. Even if you still aren’t sure what ceramic tile to get, or whether or not you want ceramic tiles at all, our flooring experts can help.

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Ceramic tiles are made out of inorganic materials that are hardened by oven firing. They are formed into thin slabs and are usually coated with some kind glaze. Ceramic tiles are versatile. They are effective flooring materials fit for every room in the house.

They are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Foyers, mudrooms, and other high-traffic areas around the house are commonly floored with ceramic tiles as well. And when you go to warmer places, homes are usually adorned with ceramic tile flooring, even in living rooms and bedrooms.

It is safe to say that buying ceramic tiles will never go wrong. Although it has its drawbacks—just like any other product—it can be easily made up for by its price and versatility.

The cold and hard surface can be beneficial for homes in warmer climates. Also, the surface of ceramic tiles doesn’t attract nor hold dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens. They rather stand out on the surface, making the tiles easy to clean and free from germs.

However, ceramic tiles can be tricky to install for DIYers. It is best to contact a flooring professional to do the work easier and better.

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Cost of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tiles are known to be one of the most affordable flooring materials available in the market. However, if you want professionally-installed and elegant-looking ceramic tiles, it can cost similarly or more than quality hardwood flooring. Depending on the quality of the tiles and the difficulty of the installation process, the cost can range from $15-$60 per square foot.

When it comes to the cost of installation, job size, geographic location, and building locations will play an important role. Smaller installation jobs may have a fixed minimum cost, while larger jobs will usually be cheaper on a cost-per-square-footage basis.

Although ceramic tiles are not considered upscale flooring, it still holds a nice appearance with minimal overall drawbacks. At the end of the day, what you get from the cost of ceramic tiles is more than worth it. To be sure of how much you have to spend on your ceramic tile flooring, talk to an expert today.

Contact Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring at (719) 259-1418 for a free consultation with a ceramic tile flooring expert in Cascade now.

Maintenance and Repair

Cascade Ceramic Tile Flooring tile floor install 300x240Taking care of ceramic tile flooring is easy enough. This is especially true with glazed tiles that have hard protective layers that are water and stain-resistant.

Glazed ceramic tiles keep dirt, stains, and liquids only on the surface. This allows for easy cleaning, a benefit that makes these tiles the top choice for wet areas. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas are better with ceramic tile flooring.

The routine maintenance for ceramic tiles includes a little more than consistent sweeping or vacuuming. This is just to make sure that the floor is free of dirt and any other loose debris. However, if set-in stains happen, using heavy-duty cleaner will not damage the ceramic tile at all. Set-in stains are uncommon, though.

If you decide to use unglazed ceramic tiles, on the other hand, maintenance is a bit different. Unglazed ceramic tiles such as Saltillo will require sealing to protect their surface from stains and liquids. And like with all types of tiles, the grout in between the tiles is susceptible to stain and moisture, which should then be regularly sealed.

Overall, you shouldn’t worry too much about ceramic tiles. They are extremely difficult to crack and very low-maintenance. Properly installed high-quality ceramic tile flooring can last for even hundreds of years if appropriately maintained.

However, if cracks do occur, replacing the tile is such a simple process. Although rest assured, cracks will only happen if tiles are affected by a severe impact.

To fully understand how to preserve the glory of your ceramic tile flooring, consult a professional. Contact Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring at (719) 259-1418 for a free consultation with a ceramic tile flooring expert in Cascade now.

Comfort and Convenience

Ceramic tiles are conveniently easy to clean and maintain due to its hard surface. Unfortunately, this also makes it uncomfortable to stand on. Unlike resilient floors, padded underlayment cannot be used to soften hard ceramics. This makes ceramic tiles inappropriate as flooring materials in places where people stand for an extended period.

The hardness of ceramic tiles is also a problem if they will be used in rooms where anyone prone to fall—like the elderly and children—stays. Also, if you’re a bit clumsy around the kitchen, expect to always see a broken dish if you drop them on the ceramic tile’s hard surface.

Fortunately, you can offset this hardness by utilizing throw rugs. Use them in areas where people will stand long to provide some comfort. Aside from the hardness, the coldness of the tiles can be a problem for some. If you live in a cold area, walking barefooted on ceramic tile flooring is not advisable if you prefer to keep warm.

One way to resolve this problem is through using in-floor heat. You can decide whether you want an electric mat under the tiles or some radiant heating in or under the subfloor. If you still have more questions on the comfort and convenience of ceramic tile flooring, talk to our flooring expert. Contact Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring at (719) 259-1418 for a free consultation now.

Ceramic Tile Options

Before you decide what ceramic tile to purchase, you have several options to consider:

Size. Ceramic tiles are commonly sold in squares, measuring 12” x 12”, 6” x 6”, 18” x 18”, and 24” x 24”. However, you can find some in the shape of rectangular planks that resemble hardwood.

Patterns. Another great thing about ceramic tiles is that it allows you to utilize them to reflect your personality. They can be printed with any color, image, or pattern, depending on your taste.

Solid vs. mosaics. Mosaics are small mesh-backed sheets assembled from ceramic tiles. They only measure 1” x 1” or 2” x 2”. Mosaics are considered initially as a high-end means of architectural expression. They establish a sense of style and uniqueness in the space where you use them.

Borders. Ceramic tiles are also offered as complementary border tile and cove perimeter tiles. Contrasting tiles are cut tiles used as borders to accent the outer boundaries of a room.

Accent tiles. If you want to draw attention to the pattern on your ceramic tile flooring, accent tiles will be your thing. They are unique pieces strategically incorporated in normal ceramic flooring installation. You may choose to use a unique picture or a nicely contrasting color that will adorn the floor surface.

If you don’t know what the most appropriate ceramic tile for your flooring project is, work with one of our experts. Contact us on (719) 259-1418 for a free consultation now.


tile flooring installationProper installation of ceramic floor tiles starts with a layer of cement board known as a tile backer placed over wood subfloors. Tile backers, however, are not needed in concrete floors. Next, the tiles are then glued down to the backer using a cementitious thin-set adhesive. The installation then concludes with filling the joints between the ceramic tiles with grout.

Installing ceramic floor tiles can be difficult and tricky. They are not exactly DIY-friendly, especially if you chose large rectified tiles, polished tiles, or Saltillo tiles. Ceramic floor tiles are heavy, and the installation process will require a strong floor framing to prevent cracks. Upper stories with inadequate floor structures couldn’t accommodate ceramic tile flooring.

When it comes to installation, it is still best to leave the job to the experts. Contact one of our ceramic tile flooring experts now at (719) 259-1418.

Advantages of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tiles are one of the best flooring materials for good reasons. Some of the advantages of installing ceramic tile flooring are the following:

Durability. Ceramic tiles can last for several years and are great for high footfall areas.

Versatility. Ceramic tiles can be used for practically every type of room. It also offers a wide variety of design options. You can choose what size, pattern, and colors you want in your specific flooring project.

Cost-effective. The initial cost of installing ceramic floor tiles are significantly more affordable than other flooring materials. Taking into account the tile’s durability and low-maintenance nature, it scored high in cost-effectiveness.

Hygienic and low-maintenance. Ceramic tiles don’t hold dirt and stains, making it super easy to clean. It will only require regular sweeping and mopping for maintenance.

Non-allergenic. As stated above, the surface of ceramic tiles does not attract dirt or stains. That includes pollens and other microorganisms that can cause various kinds of allergies. This makes ceramic tiles ideal for households with sensitive residents.

Stain-resistant. Stains very rarely set in the ceramic tiles coated with glaze. It can be easily wiped with a sponge or cleaned with a mop.

Scratch and crack-resistant. Glazed ceramic floor tiles are so hard that they can withstand high pressure and contact with heavy materials.

Frost-resistant. Ceramic tiles in small formats are perfect as flooring materials for wet areas.

Fire-resistant. Formed from high-temperature firing, ceramic tiles do not get burned easily.

Environment-friendly. The components of ceramic tiles naturally occur in unlimited quantities. They can also be disposed of as building wastes.

Drawbacks of Ceramic Tile Flooring

There are only some minimal drawbacks to using ceramic floor tiles. The most common is the fact that the tiles are cold and hard. However, the coldness of ceramic tiles can become another advantage if used in very hot climates. Also, this drawback can be easily addressed by using rugs or radiant-heat systems below the floor.

The hardness of ceramic tile flooring can be a big concern if it’s installed in a home where children and the elderly reside. They are prone to fall, and hard ceramic tiles will worsen the effect.

Some other minor drawbacks to ceramic tile flooring are the following:

  • Difficult and time-consuming to install
  • May be too heavy for upper stories, especially with poor floor structures.
  • Unglazed ceramic tiles and grout need to be sealed.
  • Can look like plastic

If you want to know the full effect of installing ceramic tile flooring, talk to a professional today. Contact Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring at (719) 259-1418 for a free consultation with a flooring expert now.

Best Ceramic Tile Flooring in Cascade

When it comes to your flooring projects, Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring is the right place to go to. We understand that construction and remodeling are more than just building infrastructure. It is putting your personality into a facility that will reflect who you are, who your family is, or what your organization is all about.

With our ceramic tile flooring services, we guarantee a durable and eye-pleasing flooring that won’t leave your pockets empty. Our collection of ceramic tiles offers you a wide variety of options on how you want your floor to look. For every space that you need flooring materials for, Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring can offer the most suitable type of ceramic.

With the affordability of ceramic tiles and the quality of our flooring service, you can rest assured that your money wasn’t wasted on substandard construction or remodeling projects.

Free Consultation

Colorado Springs Tile and Flooring LogoIf you want a durable and affordable flooring material that doesn’t look cheap at all, ceramic tiles are the way to go. To help you decide which ceramic is the best for your floor, talk to a flooring professional today.

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