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Kiowa Tile Specialists white and black marble tiles 3847503 300x200The comfort of our homes is mostly considered altogether with beauty and durability. Tile is a primary element in buildings and houses and is an important part of interior finishing. We are certain that aside from the design and aesthetic of the tiles installed in your home, you want them to last to make a worthwhile experience of the price you have paid.

Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring is here to provide the services and tile materials most suitable to your wants and needs. The long list of tile colors, styles, and various levels of toughness might overwhelm you so our team can give a heads up on the proper way of choosing without compromising your taste.

You must remember that four types of tiles are applied to different portions of your place—roofing tiles, flooring tiles, wall tiles, and partition tiles. On every part, each may have dissimilar water resistance, sturdiness, and size, depending on its exposure and use. Nevertheless, we give you the best quality of tiles no matter the location they are intended for.

We offer all these at a price you won’t regret and at a service you won’t forget! Let us begin finishing your dream home today.

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Four Main Classes of Tile Materials

Kiowa Tile Specialists modern tile ceramic floor 300x201Tile installation may seem an easy and upfront job, but the familiarity of the different types of tile made it a bit complex than the title implies. Knowing the main classes of tiles gives you an advantage in selecting the most suitable material for your home.

The Luminous Class: Glass Tile

We will make your place more spacious by installing glass tiles. Its matchless beauty given by translucence and wide color variety will create a contemporary look at your house. It is the best choice if you want bright and shiny surroundings, even under your roof.

Also, you won’t have a hard time cleaning and maintaining its beauty. Glass tiles had zero percent of absorbing water, so rest assured that mold and mildew would not grow on it. The price you pay will never outweigh the desired purpose of choosing glass tiles. Additionally, using glass tiles is a big help to the environment because most of it is made of recycled materials and utilize half of the energy used to make ceramic.

The Heavy-duty Class: Quarry Tile

This classification of tile is those of hard, impervious paving tiles made from ground materials formed and fired the same way a brick is made. These are porous materials that resist water, so it is best used for kitchens and bathrooms. This tile is also suitable for outdoor porches and patios.

Examples of minerals that compose this tile are feldspar, clay, and shales that are pressured under high temperature to form the desired quarry tile. We offer various colors and designs that explore the different tastes of our customers; yours included!

The All-Natural Class: Stone Tile

If you want an all-time elegant and luxurious looking atmosphere in your place, this could be your best option. The most common stone products our clients chose were slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and sandstone. Now, it’s your time to choose!

Natural stones are known for being sturdy and durable. A lot of feedbacks claims that this classification of tile is best for busy floors because they are not slippery, like ceramic and other materials. They are, therefore, safe for your home when you have kids and pets to attend to. Its insulating property also helps in keeping your home warm during winter and cool during summer.

The Workhorses: Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

This is your top choice if you’re on a tight budget but want to choose from infinite options of styles. Ceramic tiles are the most cost-effective tiles because it is mostly made from scratch. It is processed into a material known as bisque. This bisque will then be shaped into tiles and put under high temperature to become stronger.

Porcelain, on the other hand, is a variety of ceramic tiles with a higher standard of water absorption property. This type of tile is also used in areas with high moisture exposure. Our experts can give a better recommendation if you want to use either of these two or both at different parts of your home.

The Toughest Tile Specialist in Kiowa

herringbone custom tileTo create the best quality of tiles, the components used must be of the best quality as well. The same manner as Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring is composed of trained and excellent people to give you the ultimate tile installation experience. Through years of serving Kiowa, CO, we have acquired the proficiencies critical for every aspect of finishing your dream house.

Aside from domestic services, we also offer our expertise to corporate buildings, small business establishments, and repair projects. We will only not evaluate your place properly, but we will also guide you in choosing the finest and high-quality tile materials all at a reasonable price.

Get your place done with the toughest tile professionals in town. Work with us today!

Realize your Dream with a Call!

Colorado Springs Tile and Flooring LogoDo not let your dream house stay on a piece of paper alone. Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring can give you a free discussion on what you initially want, how you like the process to be flexible, and what are your expectations with your place. We listen, and we act.

Contact Colorado Springs Tile And Flooring at (719) 259-1418 for a free consultation with our Kiowa tile specialists now.